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Please welcome our new Academy Support, @LoLChime, and please welcome @keit...
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“on my way to watch 0 NA teams compete in Worlds with @keithmcbrief POG” .
kelso on Twitter: "on my way to watch 0 NA teams compete in

Join us in wishing both @keithmcbrief & @C9Goldenglue a very happy happ...
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.@keithmcbrief, @C9Goldenglue, @Zeyzal
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Понравилось. @keithmcbrief.
z в Твиттере: "so hot brothers.

...i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about. @keithmcbrief.
Greyson Gilmer בטוויטר: "i think its hilarious u kids talkin

@ClutchGaming. game on Jinx since 2015. @keithmcbrief.
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Shiny Froakie 𓆏 on Twitter: "@RossTaylorx @keithmcbrief 2017 jersey v...
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Keithhhhhhh McBrieffffffff @keithmcbrief Akaadiannnnnnnnn @Akaadian #Memory...
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1 year of being goons (ubereats driver tipped the cake over but it’s still ...
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Game 2. climbing the ADC NALCS Ladder. @keithmcbrief. @echofoxgg. pic.twitt...
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“@lilfuncakez @keithmcbrief Bootiful ppl 🔥” .
Kelso 🧸 в Твиттере: "Bootiful ppl 🔥.

C9 EmZ on Twitter: "@Cloud9 @keithmcbrief @GoldenGuardians @deftlylol ...
C9 EmZ on Twitter: "@Cloud9 @keithmcbrief @GoldenGuardians @

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K eith was far from going at it alone, however.
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